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    December 13, 2018
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Welcome to cooperation

The purpose of cooperation:

- Creation of the information and service centers of support on base of the OOIC;

- The organization of scientific and technical seminars and exhibitions for a target segment of the market of high technologies;

- Carrying out of the specialized marketing researches.

The directions of cooperation:

130201 - The geophysical methods of searches and investigations of oil and gas deposits of minerals

130201.01 - Geophysical methods of research of chinks

130201.02 - Seismic prospecting

130504 - Drilling of oil and gas chinks

130503 - Operation of oil and gas deposits

150411 - Maintenance service and repair of the industrial equipment

080302 - Commerce in the industry

280201 - Preservation of the environment and rational use of natural resources

230101 - Computers, complexes, systems and networks

What makes possible successful cooperation with the OIC:

- Our educational institution has 50 years experience of preparation of experts;

- Has old traditions and an operational experience with many organizations of Russia;

- Has an operational experience with suppliers of foreign high technologies to Russia;

- Has the advanced infrastructure;

- Qualified personnel;

- An excellent geographical arrangement in the center of Russia.

Octyabrsky Oil Industry College after S.Kuvykin
invites to cooperation!


Octyabrsky Oil Industry College after S.Kuvykin is the first educational institution in Russia, certificated by the German Body on certifications TUV CERT and the first educational institution in Bashkortostan, certificated on conformity to requirements of international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
  The system of management is certificated conformity with the demand of international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:20001510074447 from the 6th of March 2007 that is the warranty our educational services to sphere of initial professional and additional vocational training.
  Realizing the motto: "The college is a point of mutual interests of education, science, manufacture and business ", we invite the industrial enterprises of all patterns of ownership and directions of activity, and also suppliers of high technologies to cooperation on questions of training of the personnel.
  Dear heads of the industrial enterprises of various patterns of ownership and directions of activity. We are ready to promote maximum to development and formation of your personnel potential, applying the following forms of training.
  On a contract basis we conduct preparation:

- On the day time branch from among the entrants past competitive selection from region interesting you;

- On correspondence branch we form a group from your employees. If it is necessary we are ready to consider an opportunity of opening of our branch in your region especially for the decision of your personnel tasks.

- On short-term rates of the center of additional educational services of college we create to order rates of preparation, retraining and improvement of professional skill in the field of innovative technical, program and administrative decisions on directions which are interesting for you. The organization of exit rates is possible. During the realization of projects of short-term rates we unite the opportunities for achievement of productivity of training. We invite our and your partners of suppliers of innovative technical, program and administrative decisions.
  The organizations and to perfection of your corporate system of intrafirm training are ready to promote according to requirements Ruseducsupervision in the Russian Federation, Rustechsupervision in the Russian Federation and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. So since 2000 ran courses of operators seismic registering systems together with the industrial enterprises of Open Society " Bashoilgeophisics " (Ufa), Open Company " OG-GROUP " (Bugulma) and the developer of systems Sercel (France). Since 1997 together with above named geophysical companies, State Committee on Land Resources and Development of Republic Bashkortostan and Joint-Stock Company " PRIN " (Moscow), being supplier of high technologies GPS and optics-electronic devices of manufacture TOPCON (Japan and the USA), ran courses of topographers and geodesists of a various direction. In connection with toughening of requirements Rustechsupervision the Russian Federation are ready to realize the project of 500 hour retrainings (with delivery of the diploma of the state sample) employees many years working in yours enterprises which are not having geophysical education. For joint intrafirm training we prepare the modular programs of improvement of professional skill of heads, experts and working geophysical sets.
   We offer students of the third and fourth rates for passage of an industrial practice and training with workplaces at your enterprise.
  We offer our graduates for employment at your enterprise.
  So quality of our educational services since 2003 suits also the international companies, for example Schlumberger. The estimate quality of our educational services are given an opportunity to our students and graduates to work for you. The system of a quality management of college corresponding to requirements DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, constantly improves quality of our educational services. We are ready to accept your recommendations for improvement. On our site you can find questionnaires for studying your satisfaction of our work.
   We invite graduates of geophysicists of college to creation of association of graduates with the purpose of assistance to development of geophysical specialities and to maintenance of warranties of training in college.
   Dear heads of the companies of suppliers of innovations of technical, program and administrative decisions. We are ready during the organization and carrying out of outstripping training together with you to spend seminars and conferences, to organize short-term rates for our consumers. We invite you to take part in the project of re-equipment of laboratories and audiences of special disciplines of college. It will promote the development of your affair and our joint educational projects under all forms of training. Transforming the college in the resource center for you and production workers .at the moment the project " the Complex geophysical resource center "is realized in which actively take part such companies as Open Society "Bashoilgeophisics", Open Company "TOG-groups" Joint-Stock Company PRIN, and others. We are sincerely grateful to heads of these companies and we invite workers, developers and suppliers of high technologies to participate in this project. Ours motto is "High technologies of the personality, industry and society"
   We offer assistance and cooperation in development and introduction, perfection of system of a quality management corresponding DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 to the organizations of all patterns of ownership and directions of activity by carrying out seminars on an exchange of experience and training.
We thank you for understanding and support! We congratulate the graduates of OOIC geological courses with the 50-th anniversary of a geophysical speciality. We wish you health, success and prosperity!

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