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    December 13, 2018
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The Durtulin's branch

The director of the Durtulin's branch of Octyabrsky Oil Industry College after S.Kuvykin

The Durtulin's branch of Octyabrsky Oil Industry College after S.Kuvykin is the Federal state educational establishment of secondary vocational training. It was opened by the Order of Management of the staff and educational institutions under 228 from August, 6 1966.

The branch has prepared hundreds experts of a national economy, the industrial enterprises of a city and district for the last 40 years.

For the first time the branch has accepted students on day time branch in2003.today there are 14 groups of day time branch which are trained over 413 students. Training of experts is carried out on the following specialities:

130503 - «The development and operation of oil and gas deposits»

150411 - «The installation and technical operation of the industrial equipment ».

The college carries out educational activity according to the license 119954 given by the Ministry of Education RB on June 22 2004.

The pedagogical collective makes twenty teachers, ten of them have the supreme and the first qualifying categories. Annually the branch directs the employees to the Republic education-scientific methodical centers for improvement of qualification.

Open lessons, out-of-class actions make the life bright and interesting. Teachers are working above the perfection of pedagogical skill, some of them have author's working programs (Ramazanova A.Z. - «Physics», « the Electrical engineer and electronics », Latypova G.R. - «Social science», Rachimova G.M. - «Ecology») and methodical development. So the teacher of physics and electrical engineers A. Z. Ramazanovna has introduced author's development of working writing-books for students.

Students during training pass fact-finding, metal-work-mechanical, technological and pre-degree practice at the enterprises of city and district. Since 2007 the branch on the basis of OOIC was connected to the program of cooperation with international company «Schlumberger ». The best students of the third rates are invited for participation in the selection testing and interview by representatives of the company «Schlumberger» for passage of practice and an opportunity of the further device to work.

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